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Klaus Fehr French Horns



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Laurens Woudenberg - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam - Principal Horn

I am very pleased with this Instrument! It gives me a lot of assurance and inspiration, and yields beautiful colours and very good projection. The sound carries to the back of the concert hall even when I play very

Hans van der Zanden - Brussels Philharmonic - Principal Horn

This Bb high/F Horn is the ‘complete package’. It meets my personal needs and at the same time has the typical Fehr sound. It is a wonderfully free playing Horn with a beautiful tone and rich colours, both big and bright for the symphony orchestra and slim and very flexible for chamber music and solos. The high F horn flows effortlessly from the sound of the Bb horn, resulting in great agility when playing high passages. The sound is nicely balanced and rich in overtones. Making music with this instrument is a real treat.

Szablcs Zempléni - Professor of Horn at HFMT Hamburg

15 years ago I tried a Kruspe F horn in Berlin. Its tone fascinated me so much that I decided to buy a single F horn. Now I’ve finally found one that blows just as freely as the old Kruspe. The overtones are perfectly tuned, the valves move lightly and the sound is just as I had imagined it would be. Finally, since the F horn is the direct ancestor of our double horn, I like to use it when teaching!

Jose Sogorb Jover - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam - 3rd Horn

Every time I played one of the Klaus Fehr horn I got serious doubts about changing my former instrument, which I really liked during the last 8 years I had been playing on it. I was always afraid I could lose my identity but a few months ago I decided to go for it. I asked Klaus to build a free blowing and a versatile instrument to play in a symphony orchestra, chamber music,… I always like the possibility of changing color on the sound in order to play with strings, brass, winds or just character in music, and Klaus got this really fast. He thought I would have to be back in Sibbe to do some adjustments after a while of playing but that wasn’t necessary at all I found the horn I always wanted to have. Its tuning is fantastic and the balanced between all registers just perfect. No matter what your taste is, Klaus is willing to help you find what you are searching for and he really does a brilliant job.

Lukas Christinat - Solo hornist Luncerne Symphony Orchestra teacher Lucerne University of Music

I am freshly enthusiastic about Klaus Fehr’s Bb horn with each passing day. The well balanced sound, very fine intonation and optimal response have made the instrument my dependable partner, and not just in chamber music.I highly value the capable guidance and support Klaus offers, and am sincerely thankful for his superb craftsmanship!

Péter Janösi - Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra - 2nd Horn

For many years now I have been familiar with the horns of Klaus Fehr (I play on a double horn). For me his instruments have the great capability of sounding noble and generous, but at the same time they offer a pleasant agility in playing. In addition, they possess the stability, strength and power necessary for daily professional use.

Cleo Simons - Philharmonue Zuid Nederland and European Chamber Orchestra

Lange tijd heb ik gezocht naar een mooie enkele Bes hoorn, die ik kan gebruiken als aanvulling op mijn dubbelhoorn, met name voor kamermuziek en het klassieke repertoire. De hoorn die Klaus heeft gemaakt overtreft mijn wensen. Het is een heerlijk soepel spelend instrument met een prachtige toon.
Hij voelt in alle registers heel soldide en trefzeker.
Dankzij de prachtig weggewerkte en afneembare F-pomp kan ik ook in het lage register het instrument inzetten.
Zonder deze pomp speelt het instrument nog wat lichter, waardoor de inzetbaarheid zeer groot is. Ik ben erg blij met de hoorn en mijn dank aan Klaus is groot.

Fréderick Franssen - Co-principle Horn - The Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra

I have known Klaus for many years now, and I was allready a great fan of his horns when he first started developing and building them.
At the time I actually decided I wanted to have one myself, Klaus and I did a great deal of testing and experimenting together in his workshop. Changing the smallest of details in developing the perfect instrument for me. This process eventually lead to the ‘model 1’ in the current range Klaus offers (and wich was first presented in London in 2014 at the annual global conference of the international horn society.)
The former instrument I played was nice, but it somehow always limited me. As a member of the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra I play a very broad diversity of repertoire. Therefore I am extremely pleased with this instrument since it makes it possible to play a great variety of different colours. Also I can play much more freely and it speaks so nicely equal in the whole range of the instrument. Furthermore it has such an enormous carrying capacity; both in the strong and most delicate passages.
Changing to this instrument really changed my profesional life and working with Klaus is also a great joy. In my opinion he is the best craftman in his field and in addition also just a really great guy.

Stuart Ang, Founder Bihan North Horn Club - Singapore

The Klaus Fehr Single Bb blends well with double and triple horns, in both orchestra and chamber settings. It sounds easy and the tone is glorious in all registers. I appreciate the ability to manipulate the sound colour according to the requirements of the music. Mr Klaus has also been extremely patient and professional in the entire procurement process.

Isaí Gutiérrez - Orquesta Filarmónica Del Desierto - Santillo, Choahuila, México

I’m really happy with my new discant horn from Klaus, is very flexible and reliable, exactly what I need to perform in the high register. Soon I’ll get also a big double horn for the regular orchestra playing and I’m sure will be as good as this one. Thanks a lot Klaus!

David Fernandez Alonso, Principal Horn Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

I’m really happy with my new discant horn from Klaus, is very flexible and reliable, exactly what I need to perform in the high register. Soon I’ll get also a big double horn for the regular orchestra playing and I’m sure will be as good as this one. Thanks a lot Klaus!

Jan Breukel, Hoornist Philharmonie Zuid Nederland

In 2013 heeft Klaus Fehr een hoorn voor mij gebouwd. Mijn eerste ervaring op het podium was Brahms hoorntrio. Ik was meteen verliefd op die hoorn. Na nog wat aanpassingen heb ik jarenlang met plezier in het orkest gespeeld en kreeg altijd veel positieve relaties van collega’s en toehoorders. Klaus kun je rustig een hoorn fluisteraar noemen. Een Top vakman!

Jarenlang hoornist in LSO en Philharmonie Zuid Nederland


Johannes Dengler, Staatsoper München

Mein Fehr-Horn hat mein Leben als Musiker an einem bestimmten Punkt meiner Laufbahn grundlegend verbessert. Zunächst hat mir der freie und fokussierte Klang und das ungehinderte Legato durch alle Lagen erlaubt, längere Phrasen zu spielen als jemals zuvor. Man kann ein Solo im Piano spielen und im Orchesterklang gut hörbar sein. Im Forte hat es eine große Kraft, ohne zu schreien. Nun hat sich nach Jahren meine Spielweise vollständig an das Horn gewöhnt- es hält die Spannung und Tragfähigkeit und bringt immer neue Farben. Ich genieße das eindeutige Feedback und die musikalische Freiheit.


  • Premysl Vojta, WDR Sinfonieorchester – Köln
  • Lars Wachelder, Johann Strauss Orkest – Maastricht
  • Leelanee Sterrett, Johann Strauss Orkest – Maastricht
  • Milklós Takács, Staatskappele Dresden
  • Irene Kruik, Marinierskapel Der Koninklijke Marine
  • Stef van Herten, Oper Frankfurt
  • Ivo Dudler, NDR Radiophilharmonie – Hannover
  • Johannes Hinterholzer, Mozarteum Orchester – Salzburg
  • Hui-Yi Lee, Daejeon Philjarmonic Orchestra
  • Robert Teutsch, Tonhalle Orchester – Zürich
  • Saar Berger, Ensemble Modern
  • Dávid Bereckzy, Budapest Festival Orchestra
  • Luiz Garcia, Orquasta Sinfónica Do Estado De Sau Paulo
  • Beth Graham, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  • Heath Parkinson, Sydney Opera House
  • Jeahyung Kim, Staatstheater Mainz
  • Bernardo Silva, Orquestra Sinfónica Do Proto Casa Da Música
  • Alfredo Varela González, Real Filharmonia Galacia
  • David Barreda, Duisburger Philharmoniker
  • Mahir Kalmik, Proffesor of Horn Robert Schumann Hochschule – Düsseldorf
  • Benjamin Chartre, Opéra Royal de Wallonie